“As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be when I return….the thoughts of mankind were continually evil……...” JC     MORE INFORMATION click here

Text Box: Harrison Labs audio division designs and manufactures products such as audio amplifiers, crossovers, midi products, organ midi sound generators, organ sound enhancements,1/3 octave graphic equalizers and many more audio items here in the USA. IT’S A HARRISON”! Look for the HL emblem on our new products and custom organs in our Harrison Organ Works division.  If you are a manufacturer and need a custom product or a modified version of an Hlabs product check out our OEM division.
Hlabs provides quality USA made products with the best compromise between looks and function. Our products are technologically advanced and use high grade components.
& SEMOD™ are trade marks owned by Harrison Organ Works, HLABS,


They won’t let him out for a while because he tells it like it is. His latest rant is about the hypocrites that produce  movies using filthy language, nudity etc, that the movie goers love, yet those same movie stars trash Donald Trump for his inappropriate comments. Why? because he is a republican.